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The result of the mega sena 2310 will be announce on my official blog.20 / 10/2020 tuesday from 20:00 hours straight from the lucky truck.

Mega Sena 2310 will take place on 20-2020 October and the main prize is estimate at R $ 29,000,000.00  for those who match the result of Mega Sena 2310. Whoever matches Quina 5 number or QUADRA with 4 number also with the smallest prize. If there is no winner with 6 number in the result of the MEGA SENA contest 2310. The Main Prize accumulates for the next contest.

The Values ​​of each Mega Sena 2310 prize will be inform in the GIGA-SENA result Panel after the apportionment.

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Contest / 2310 Date 20-10-2020


Mega Sena

The mega sena is one of the most popular game modalities in Brazil, or rather, it is the most popular. The reason for this is simple, it is the mega sena that offers the biggest prizes among the games allow in Brazil. The mega-senna has created more millionaires than anything else in Brazil. Which is the reason for the fever that makes people search for the result of the mega-senna almost weekly. If you want to know a little more about the mega sena today , this article is for you.

If you want to become a better bettor, this article is also for you. Because we will give you tips on how to put the odds on your side. In addition the simple knowledge of the mega-senna will already be a differential for you as a bettor. Without further ado, let’s get start and good luck.

First Of All Little History Mega Sena

Some people confuse things or even know that most games involving betting in Brazil are prohibit. That’s why you don’t see casinos in tourist spots like Rio de Janeiro, for example. But it was not always like that, in the beginning of the 20th century, games that involve betting in Brazil were not only allow, but also an important recipe for some Brazilian cities. Eventually it was bane and continue to this day.

You may wonder why the mega sena exists under these conditions and the answer will be controversial to say the least. In general and simple, bets are too profitable to be left out. The Brazilian government realize that games are an important part of the life of Brazilian and decied to create their own betting modality, which is good for the government and for bettors.

Today Mega Sena

The mega sena is a very simple game mode. Basically, you have to hit six out of sixty possible numbers. The six number are draw using a globe containing sixty spheres, each sphere representing a number. Currently the draws are made twice a week, the prize for the winner is part of what was collect with the contest in question. When there are no winners, the prize money is accumulat for the next draw.

In addition to the ordinary drawaing, there is also the special year-end edition, known as mega da virada. In this event, the prize pool is considerably higher than in other draws for the rest of the year. The reason for this is the way the prize is accumulate: all competitions of the year have part of their collections destine for the mega of the turnaround , which results in a huge prize. It is no surprise that the biggest awards of the year were deliver to the winners of the mega of the turn.

The Draw Of The Mega Sena

The draws happen twice a week, as we already mentioned. Of course, there are some exceptions for special editions, such as the aforementioned end-of-year edition, known as the mega turnaround. To participate in a drawing, the bettor must place the minimum bet, which is the same as betting on six numbers. With less than R $ 10.00 it is possible to place the bet.

You can still bet on more than six numbers, in fact, you can bet on up to 15 numbers. But the cost of this type of more sophisticated bet is obviously higher. You can also receive smaller prizes if you hit five or four numbers, but nothing as big as the main prize.

Where The Money Goes

This is a common question and some gamblers are mistaken in belive that all the money raise goes to the prize. The truth is that less than half goes to the awards, part of it is accumulate for the mega of the turnaround and a good part will be use to finance social programs.

The Mega Sena Of The Turn

On the last day of the year, December 31, the draw for the expected mega of the turn happens. This draw is on a completely different level from the others, the prizes are already in the hundreds of millions of reais. With the exception of the huge prize money, the draw itself does not change. Both the drawing of the draw and the way of placing bets are the same. The term, mega sena da virada is one of the most searched in January and this is no surprise to anyone. The list of the biggest prizes delivered by the mega-sena includes, in its majority. The draws of the mega sena of the turn.

After All What Are The Chances?

This is a common question and even among people who have never found the exact answer. There is a consensus that the chances are slim. This article will not go into the details and mathematical formulas that explain that your chances are small. All you need to know is that millions of people are trying to get a high prize through minimal effort.

In other words, your chances of winning are minimal. But do not be discouraged, technically. All the winners of the mega-senna had chances similar to yours when they. Placed the bet that yielded the prize of millions of reais. The best you can do is to place bets for fun and not focus too much on that type of question.

The Biggest Winner So Far

That’s exactly what interests us, isn’t it? We are talking about money. After all, how much money has the mega seine been able to make so far? First of all, understand that the biggest prize and the winner that took the biggest amount are two different things, that is why a prize can be divided among several winners. But when it comes to the winner who took home the biggest amount so far, we’re talking about a person who didn’t have to share the prize with anyone.

Amazingly, some lucky person managed to take home the prize of R $ 289 420 865.00. The prize was drawn on May 11, 2019. You may be wondering, how was an ordinary drawing with such a high prize? It turns out that, as can happen like any other drawing, this prize has been accumulated for some time until reaching that high amount.

Big Prize Can Become Small

If on the one hand some winners can take jackpots as in the case mention above, there are also cases where the prize has to be divided among many. One of the most surprising cases was the draw for number 2110, made on December 31, 2018. In this case, the draw had 52 winners. You might think that the winners were upset with the small prize, but the truth is that they probably remained happy. The reason?

It turns out that the drawing number 2110 was also the second biggest prize ever delivered in the history of the mega sena. It was a prize of just over 300 million reais, which made each winner a multimillionaire. Can you imagine so many people celebrating after checking the answer to the survey: mega-sena result or mega-sena previous results?

Becoming A Regular Player

If you want to try your luck in the mega-sena, know that the more you play, the greater the chance of winning. Even with your chances increasing almost negligibly, it is still better than placing just one bet per year. Betting on every draw may seem extreme, but we are talking about eight bets per month. About R $ 50.00 through minimum bets. If you have decided to become a regular bettor. You have to make a habit of checking the previous results of the mega-seine weekly. It is not much work at the end of the day, a simple search for the terms last result. The mega-seine or result of the mega-seine Saturday will bring the answer to you.

The reason for developing the habit is that the mega sena does not go until you say that you are the winner. The winners must present themselves at a branch of the federal savings bank. Not only that, the winner has 90 days to present himself, otherwise the prize will be used for social programs and other purposes.

Check The Win Prizes Regularly

As we mentioned, you have 90 days to present yourself as a winner. To avoid problems, the habit of checking the results is essential. Once again, a simple search for a term like seeing the result of the mega sena on Google will bring up the latest draw results. It may seem strange, but some people fail to verify the results. So that this does not happen to you, keep the ticket until you check the result a few times, do not discard the first check.

The Biggest Fraud Suffered By The Mega Sena And What We Can Conclude From That

In 2014, a fraud scheme resulted in a loss of approximately 70 million reais for Caixa Econômica Federal . A federal police action recovered about 90% of the value. From this, we can conclude that the mega-senna is a serious game modality, certainly the safest betting method in Brazil.

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